First lady to break ground on White House garden on South Lawn First lady to break ground on White House garden on South Lawn As of 8:0 襯衫8 p.m. CDT Mar 19, 2009She's digging her own grave yard like "Ly 銀行利率nn.Die.Yu" showed. As First Lady, you look down instead of up, you must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. Th 售屋網erefore, I realized how come "Lynn.Die.Yu" lost "Job.Moon" eyes, because "Job.Moon" must have had ears and eyes to see that grave yard digs 結婚 from her spy bugs. Therefore, I realized how come you can kill anyone but not yourself, because kill anyone must be a self-defense (That may explain how come God allows 膠原蛋白your USA government to kill Timothy McVeigh, because evil doers hiding inside your government must already have known that Timothy McVeigh must have the duty to kill any evil doers hiding 面膜inside your government. Therefore, I realized that 0klahoma city bomb scene must be Bill Clinton and his ass whore so called co-president Hillary Clinton's "做賊喊捉賊"crime, because they must have 機車借款had known that Timothy McVeigh got the duty to kill them, therefore, they committed that crime scene to frame Timothy McVeigh into "Bi.Cold.Mold.Ben" trap; therefore, I realized that 9.11.2001 must be Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton and 賣屋 their daughter's crime (That may explain how come their daughter said appearing around that crime scene at that early unthinkable timing zone.), so that they could have unknown numbers of richest secret accounts falling into their underground chained sl 術後面膜avery terrors backpack.), kill yourself, must mean even in the most helpless moment, you still have no idea to look up to seek our mighty God's help. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 票貼  .
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