How to deal with American Werewolves lie? 1. You must stop the democratic form of election lie. (Do not go to vote, unless you are really loving to vote. So that those candidates [You need to encourage all good better b 帛琉est mankind to have the dare to come out to run, and seek the Court to have the final say. For instance, if you have A B C three pai 九份民宿r to run, A said got the most votes, B is absolute disagreeing the A can have that integrity to be looked up, that B can have right to ask your highes 西裝t Court to choose C to replace A. If your Court find C indeed better than A, then your court can have right to make that final decision to side with B and C to appoint C to b 酒店工作e that winner.] who does not want to concede can have right to demand your Court to investigate every voters back ground, and question every voter why and how he or she made that decision to trust th 小型辦公室at candidate with his or her national life.) 2.You must not allow anyone to have power (You demand every man must bear fire arms any time any place to make self-defense to make sure every man can have the same right to kill, 房屋貸款so that man's power must rely on his own best will and best strength sniper skill) money (You must not allow anyone to use currency to buy and sell, any deal must made between goods and goods, that how Chinese used to use real gold and r 租屋eal silver to eat at restaurant. Because gold and silver is real precious indeed have that real value to deal; currency paper bill is a lie, an abusive crime.) sex (You must not allow any female to occupy any public office. You need to tell all woman not to commit "Inn.S 設計裝潢heng.Young.Swine" crime. And you need to tell all woman that man can have right to kill her immediately after he has sex with her if she is not his wife.) to rot. 3. Do not fooled by your eyes, a person who has biggest lexury house expensive jewlery clothing not necessary can be a bet 居酒屋ter friend to you than a poor simple honest person. The rich and famous USA is a lie, cannot be your trustful enemy, cannot be your trustful partner, not mention to be your trustful friend.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 賣屋  .
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